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Global Human Capital & Associates (GHCA) strategically enhances a company’s resources by executing agile and self-sustaining HR methodologies. GHCA aligns itself to meet the requirements of the company’s vision and its business methodology.  We become an extension of our client’s HR organization in order to execute programs and processes effectively and efficiently.

About GHCA
GHCA develops and delivers programs that strengthen an organization’s human capital, and support the business goals and objectives of the company. GHCA specializes in start-ups, small businesses and mid-sized organizations that may have an international presence or plan to grow internationally, but lack the necessary expertise to establish a cost-effective human capital foundation and infrastructure.

What We Offer
GHCA is focused on operational activities – we strive to ensure that a company’s day-to-day tactical HR programs are balanced with the strategic planning initiatives needed to meet their business goals.  Through the successful design and delivery of our programs, we can:

  • Improve customer interactions
  • Strengthen employee commitment to the company’s business goals and objectives
  • Provide a positive impact to an organization’s bottom line
New and Emerging Businesses:  when companies experience the good fortune of growth, managers must consider the need to change the protocols.  Informal business practices are no longer viable for an expanded workforce, and decision-making becomes increasingly complex, requiring comprehensive support systems.  GHCA will assess where a company is vs. where it needs to be, and will offer suggestions for changes in the work place.  In addition GHCA will help make the transition, preserving the best of the days that brought success and reweaving the business to sustain organizational practices for the next stage of growth.

Companies going through Revitalization: where companies see a downturn in revenue leading to a repositioning of their products & services and a restructuring of their internal business to complement these changes, GHCA offers diagnosis and expertise around alternatives for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of internal organizational operations.  Additionally, we support organizational and process redesign, retention of key staff, training and development for new productivity and related services of revitalization of the business.

Global Expansion: where companies are considering entering or expanding global markets, GHCA can provide expertise and support in assessing company locations against business and labor regulations and requirements of these markets.  GHCA extends this initial support to a full set of start-up services related to people and organization to assure your success in getting those locations up and running in the most cost effective means.  Additionally, GHCA supports the transitional and integration issues of global leadership teams.

To meet these needs, we offer the following:

  • Attract the best and the brightest candidates
  • Retain employees who are critical to the success of the business
  • Develop/Motivate employees to be involved in achieving the organization’s business objectives
  • Assess the company’s business climate and issues surrounding imminent “significant events” (e.g. merger, acquisition, IPO, turnaround)
The Final Analysis
Companies today must balance their essential day-to-day HR operations with strategic direction for their Human Capital Resources.  GHCA has a proven track record for effectively delivering Global Human Capital solutions that support this balance. We work cohesively with companies and are sensitive to their unique business styles. We make it our priority to be an effective extension of their organization. 

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