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Release date: March 15th, 2007

Global Human Capital Consulting Firm Provides Strategic and Operational Support FOR EMERGING INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES
Helping Companies Respond to Today’s Business Climate
by Shifting HR Efforts from Regional to Global

DOVER, NHHuman resource organizations are facing difficult challenges in today’s global economy. Global Human Capital & Associates (GHCA), works with organizations to develop and deliver programs that strengthen their human capital and HR efforts at the global level, in particular companies with multiple international locations, resulting in strategic initiatives that support business goals and objectives. GHCA serves regional and global markets that include Europe, Asia-Pacific, North, Central and South America.

“Today’s HR resources required to develop and maintain programs are understaffed and overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands required of them at the regional and level, yet they play a more critical role in the success of an organization than ever before,” said Robert Ide, CEO of GHCA. “It is our goal to help HR practices to balance these requirements with the strategic direction that is critical to the future viability of a company. Our approach is to aid HR resources in developing systematic solutions around people; programs such as global compensation/benefit programs, and effective recruiting campaigns that can be adopted across regions, obtaining cost effective synergies through mergers and acquisitions.

GHC is comprised of a unique team of professionals who have managed global human resources programs in more than 30 countries across the world. The organization specializes in start-ups, small businesses and mid-sized organizations that may have an international presence or plan to grow internationally, but lack the necessary expertise to establish a cost-effective human capital foundation and infrastructure.

“One of our strengths is the ability to help our clients understand the operation requirements as well as the legal, labor and tax issues of a new market in which they plan to expand,” said Ide. “Lacking such knowledge can be costly and result in unnecessary delays in the learning curve.”

In order to help organizations develop and deploy a successful human capital program, GHCA offers services that aid in attracting, retaining, developing and motivating the highest-quality candidates who will be critical to an organization’s success. GHCA also offers assessment services designed to analyze changes in the workforce climate that will result from a significant organizational event, such as a merger, acquisition, turnaround or IPO. In addition, GHCA will supplement an organization’s existing HR department, providing both short- and mid-term staffing support either on or offsite.

GHCA has consultants in the United States and Europe. These consultants develop and deliver programs that strengthen an organization’s human capital in support of its business goals and objectives. GHCA’s programs are operational focused and balance day-to-day tactical HR-focused activities with strategic planning initiatives. These programs assist organizations by improving customer interactions, strengthening employee commitment and motivation, and positively impacting an organization’s bottom line.

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